Surf ‘N’ Suds Beer Festival at Ventura Harbor


Thank you to everyone who made Surf ‘N’ Suds Beer Festival at the Ventura Harbor very successful!! We had an amazing time! See you at the next Surf ‘N’ Suds in Caprinteria on August 15.
surf_n_suds_june_2015.015 surf_n_suds_june_2015.016 surf_n_suds_june_2015.018 surf_n_suds_june_2015.003


surf_n_suds_june_2015.010 surf_n_suds_june_2015.011 surf_n_suds_june_2015.012 surf_n_suds_june_2015.014 surf_n_suds_june_2015.001 surf_n_suds_june_2015.002 surf_n_suds_june_2015.004 surf_n_suds_june_2015.008 surf_n_suds_june_2015.005 surf_n_suds_june_2015.007 surf_n_suds_june_2015.006 surf_n_suds_june_2015.019 surf_n_suds_june_2015.020

A few photos from our Photo Booth!surf_n_suds_june_2015.021 surf_n_suds_june_2015.022 surf_n_suds_june_2015.023 surf_n_suds_june_2015.024 surf_n_suds_june_2015.025 surf_n_suds_june_2015.026 surf_n_suds_june_2015.027 surf_n_suds_june_2015.028 surf_n_suds_june_2015.029 surf_n_suds_june_2015.030


One thought on “Surf ‘N’ Suds Beer Festival at Ventura Harbor

  1. I always receive the best service and make all of my purchases at Trek, Ventura. Love my bike and all my gear!!

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