Avocado Festival at Island Brewing Company

We had a great time at the Avocado Festival at Island Brewing Company!

DSCN5171DSCN5126 DSCN5120 DSCN5121 DSCN5122 DSCN5123 DSCN5138 DSCN5140 DSCN5142 DSCN5143 DSCN5145 DSCN5160 DSCN5164 DSCN5168 DSCN5175 DSCN5183 DSCN5191 DSCN5196 DSCN5114 green_before_daughter_father jan_martinez green_before jenna_jenkins carter_cox eric_carrier eric_mundstack hanne_pitcock hava_fardice jill_title jody_beau_wave johan_nilsson john_welborn_snow jon_reese possum rebecca_grutell ryan_foxx sharon_avocado_fest_2015 sue_steve susan_adamek susan_boettner tom_d'oh valerie_consolo wez_meyer zanna_lucyAvoc


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